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Video: Product-oriented GIT workflow [Bufferdevs Snackchat]

At Buffer we regularly hold what we call ‘Snackchats’. These are short & informal presentations of something that we want to share with our team which help to build on our engineering culture and help each other to grow as engineers. Anyone on the team has the opportunity to give these talks 🙂 Once a discussion has been proposed, a day / time can be picked ready for people to grab a drink (and snack!) to take some time out of their day to learn something new.

These have been happening at Buffer for some time. However, we have now decided that we’re going to start sharing these outside of our place of work. This ties in with our value of Transparency and allows us to share our learnings with even more people. So grab your drink of choice, your favourite snack and let’s learn something new together 🚀

In this Snackchat, Federico Weber gave the engineering team an Introduction to his GIT workflow. We took a quick overview of various interpretations of GIT history, how those map to different workflows, and what GIT tools you can use depending on what part of the development journey you are in.

  • Hi Federico,

    I love the distinction you’ve made between the different types of git history (codebase vs. product), and how your concerns around that history are different depending on the phase of the code you are in. I can see how you approach it allows for both experimentation when necessary, as well as tells a good feature/product story for readers that come behind you.

    This has opened my mind on how I’ll be approaching things going forward… thank you 🙂

    Take care!
    Cory Wheeler

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